Attorney for Edwin Alemany, Accused Killer of Amy Lord, to Seek Insanity Defense

The lawyer for the man accused of kidnapping, raping and killing a 24-year-old woman last summer has filed paperwork with Suffolk County Superior Court saying that he plans to pursue a defense of insanity on behalf of his client.

Defense Attorney Jeffrey A. Denner and his client, Edwin J. Alemany, were before the court last week.

Denner wrote he will rely on the premise of a “lack of criminal responsibility” due to “mental disease or defect at the time of the alleged offense conduct.” He intends to bring expert witnesses before the court to testify about his client’s mental status and will also use statements made by the suspect himself as to his mental condition at the time of the alleged crime.

Alemany is charged in the brutal slaying of South Boston resident Amy B. Lord in July 2013. He also faces assault charges that stem from several other attacks, two of which occurred within 24 hours of Lord’s murder.

He will return to court for a status review on Aug. 5, 2014. His trial date is set for December of this year.

A copy of the defense filing has been added below.

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