Split verdict in the Fatal South Boston Stabbing

The jury has reached a split verdict in the Fatal November 2013 beating and stabbing to death of the 29-year-old Edwin Santos on Dorchester Street in South Boston. The father-son-uncle trio that was arrested for the murder of Santos, have received a split verdict today by the Suffolk Superior Court jury.

Jurors acquitted Elias Sanchez’s son Angel Sanchez and brother, Gabriel Sanchez of murder charges for their alleged role as fellow attackers. Elias Sanchez, on the other hand, has been found guilty and has been convicted in the 29-year-old’s murder. He faces life in prison during his sentencing tomorrow.

ADA Mark Zanini introduced evidence and testimony in the trial that has been going on for over two weeks, to prove that Elias Sanchez approached Santos as he stood with a female companion outside a Dorchester Street market on the afternoon of Nov. 17, 2013. The evidence showed that Elias Sanchez, armed with a club, violently beat Santos, who suffered blunt force injuries and multiple stab wounds during the attack. Zanini had sought to prove that Sanchez’s son and brother also took part in the fatal assault but the jury has found them not guilty.

Elias Sanchez is expected to be sentenced tomorrow at a 10 am hearing in the Suffolk Superior Court.

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