Grand jury indicts teen for fatal stabbing

The teenager who is suspected of fatally stabbing 17-year-old Mason Raymond in October has been formally indicted on second-degree murder charges, meaning his case will be moved to Suffolk Superior Court.

The grand jury indicted 16-year-old Ronaldo Cepeda of Dorchester on Thursday. Cepeda allegedly stabbed Raymond, piercing his heart, outside the Jackson Square MBTA station on October 22 during a confrontation.

Prosecutors say Cepeda had gotten off a bus at the station that afternoon and sat down on a bench outside the turnstiles. Raymond entered the station a short time later.

Mason Raymond

Mason Raymond

The two teens, who knew each other, started a conversation which ”quickly escalated into a physical altercation.” Cepeda reportedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Raymond. He died at Brigham and Women’s Hospital early the next morning.

According to prosecutors, Cepeda exited a bus at Jackson Square station that afternoon and sat on a bench outside the station’s turnstiles.  Raymond entered the station a short time later.

A conversation between Cepeda and Raymond, who were known to one another, quickly escalated into a physical altercation during which Raymond suffered a fatal stab wound. He was rushed to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where he died the next morning.

Police officers were able to identify Cepeda as the alleged perpetrator through surveillance cameras at the train station.

Court officials have not yet set a date for Cepeda’s superior court arraignment.

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