Killer’s accomplice pleads guilty to 2012 murder of Hyde Park man

By Aren LeBrun

The second of two men accused in the 2012 robbery and killing of a man from Hyde Park has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

On Dec. 15, 2012, Jose Carrasqiullo, 44, robbed 42-year-old Orlando Guerrero, who was then shot and killed by Luis Diaz, 31. Diaz has been sentenced to 15-17 years in prison.

Orlando Guerrero

Orlando Guerrero

Police arrested the two men after receiving a tip. Carrasquillo reportedly admitted to police that he and Diaz planned to rob Guerrero, but that he was not aware Diaz was planning to killing him afterward.

What was originally a charge of first-degree murder, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prion, was reduced to manslaughter after a plea bargain was decided upon between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Carrasquillo’s legal team.

The prosecution stated that Carrasquillo was cooperative in the case against Diaz, which aided in his receiving a lighter sentence.

While legal justice for Guerrero has been served, his family members spoke in court about how their hurt does not end here. Genesis Hernandez, Guerrero’s niece, spoke in court about how she often worries for the emotional state of her uncle’s children, the oldest of whom are 12-year-old twin girls.

“They know about life.” She said. “They know what happened to their father.”

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