Trial dates set for relatives accused of killing Edwin Santos

By Janine Eduljee

Wednesday marked the final pre-trial hearing for the youngest of three members of a family accused of murdering a man two years ago.

Angel R. Sanchez, 18, was indicted in 2014 the November 2013 murder of 29-year-old Edwin Santos, along with his father Elias Sanchez, 44, and uncle Gabriel Sanchez, 33.

Prosecutors say¬†Elias Sanchez reportedly approached Santos and began beating him with a club outside a Dorchester Street market. Elias’ son Angel, who was 16 years old at the time of the crime, and Elias’ brother Gabriel Sanchez joined in and both allegedly stabbed the victim.

The bulk of Wednesday’s hearing regarded an order which Judge Jeffrey Locke issued, barring the Commonwealth’s expert from interviewing the defendant for a period of 30 days. Both the defense and prosecution argued various specifics surrounding language and how Angel would be handled during the testimony process.

Defense Attorney J.W. Carney Jr. was dogged in arguing against current language that stated the defendant would not be interviewed about his mental state or criminal intent, pointing out that the jury would then only receive the prosecution’s version of events.

At one point, Carney implored the judge to order that he be present whenever his client was interviewed. The argument got heated between the two attorneys, especially after the Commonwealth pointed out that Angel was now 18 and a legal adult.

You’re asking a kid to perform the duties of a lawyer,” Carney said.

Eventually the judge declined to issue an order but suggested that the defense file a motion with the court for later review regarding the matter.

Angel Sanchez’s trial will begin in April, 2016. His father and uncle’s trials will also commence that month.

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