Jury begins deliberations in Timothy Kostka trial

By Janine Eduljee, Aren Lebrun and Ben Thompson

Testimony wrapped up Wednesday in the murder trial of Timothy Kostka, who is accused of murdering Barbara Coyne in her apartment in April 2012.

On Tuesday, two witnesses were brought in to give testimonies: Timothy Kostka’s cousin Melinda Kostka, and his mother Nancy Kostka.

According to Melinda Kostka’s testimony, the Coynes and Kostkas were old family friends who both frequented the Columbia Yacht Club for birthdays. The defendant had apparently bought a boat from the victim’s son, Richard Coyne.

Nancy Kostka’s testimony focused more on her son, who she claimed she knew was a heroin addict, and knew in April 2012 that he had relapsed.

He is my son. I could tell by looking at him when he was using, and he was.” said Nancy Kostka.

At the time of the murder, Nancy said Timothy Kostka was unemployed and borrowing money from his mother to pay cell phone bills.

Closing arguments commenced Wednesday morning.

Defense attorney William Gens emphasized the importance of reasonable doubt, pointing out what he called inconsistencies in evidence.

Gens declared that if they found Kostka innocent, they could feel proud to be serving the U.S. justice system. He argued that the police singularly pursued the defendant and had “systematically ignored” evidence in the case.

As a final word before deliberations, the judge advised the jurors not to take their duties lightly, and provide a fair and informed verdict, deciding the fate of not only an accused murderer, but also the many family members tied to this emotionally charged case.

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