Second suspect held in Kenny Lamour’s death

Donte Henley was arraigned in West Roxbury Municipal Court Friday for the alleged murder of Kenny Lamour. He is being held without bail.

The Boston Police Department’s Fugitive Apprehension Unit arrested Henley on Thursday, at his home in South Boston. He is the second suspect arrested in Lamour’s death.

Lamour, 21, was shoveling snow on Centre Street on February 11 when he was shot. Josiah Zachery, 18, was arrested the same day.

The work crew was part of Roca, a nonprofit organization that helps young people involved in incarceration, poverty and violence to rebuild their lives through service work.

The Boston Globe reported that Henley was in the same work crew as Lamour. Zachery was not a Roca member. According to Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum, Henley allegedly contacted Zachery and asked him to come to Centre Street with a gun. Later, Zachery shot Lamour to death at the scene and fled from the Boston Police, prosecutors said.

According to the Globe:

Lamour had been prosecuted in the past, most recently pleading guilty to threatening to shoot a woman who honked her car horn at him.

He also served time in prison after pleading guilty to a 2011 charge that he stomped on a Department of Youth Services worker, injuring him seriously. He also pleaded guilty in 2013 to assault and battery charges.

According to the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office, Henley will appear in court on April 9.

The Suffolk District Attorney’s Office’s full press release is below:

BOSTON, Feb. 27, 2015—The second defendant charged in the shooting death of 21-year-old Kenny Lamour was ordered held without bail at his arraignment today, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said today.

DONTE HENLEY (D.O.B. 5/18/90) of South Boston was arraigned in West Roxbury Municipal Court on a murder charge stemming from the Feb. 11 homicide. As the request of Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum, Judge David Breen ordered Henley held without bail.

Polumbaum told the court that Henley was working on a snow-shoveling crew with Lamour that morning in the area of 891 Centre St. Henley allegedly called and texted his co-defendant, JOSIAH ZACHERY (D.O.B. 7/13/96), telling him to come to the work site and bring a gun. Henley allegedly relayed Lamour’s location and clothing to Zachery.

“Mr. Henley called in the hit,” Polumbaum told the court.

As a result, prosecutors say, Zachery travelled to the area armed with a loaded handgun, approached Lamour, and shot him to death. Zachery fled the scene on foot, firing at a Boston Police officer who gave chase.

Additional Boston Police officers apprehended Zachery a short distance away. A search of the area led to their recovery of a handgun believed to be the murder weapon along his path of flight.

“The investigation didn’t end there,” Conley said. “Text messages, cell tower records, and other evidence carried it forward, and it will continue until all the facts are assembled.”

Boston Police arrested Henley yesterday at his South Boston home on a warrant approved by Suffolk prosecutors amid the ongoing probe. He was represented by attorney James Budreau and will return to court on April 9.

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