FBI killing friend of suspected bombing suspect justified, report says

The mysterious killing of Ibragim Todashev, the friend of the alleged bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, by a Boston FBI agent in May has been justified, according to a report released Tuesday by a Florida prosecutor.

The report calls Tsarnaev, 27, a “fearless fighter.” While being interviewed in his Orlando apartment, Tsarnaev attacked the agent and a Massachusetts state trooper with a long metal pole.

The mixed-martial arts fighter had allegedly just admitted to his involvement in a triple 2011 Waltham murder.

A letter from State Attorney Jeffrey L. Ashton to FBI Director James Comey detailed more of the  shooting which was ruled as self-defense.

According to the letter, after being interviewed for 4.5 hours, Todashev’s mood changed. He lifted a coffee table from the room, striking the agent in the head. He then ran to the kitchen, looking for something in the drawers.

Todashev hurled at the trooper with the pole, looking to impale him, the letter said.  The FBI agent fired three to four shouts, bringing Todashev to his knees but not stopping him. He immediately rose and lunged at the men and the agent fired three to four more fatal shots, according to the letter.

The Department of Justice’s civil rights division also cleared the agent shortly afterward.

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