Sanchez brothers ask Court for funds for different experts

Two South Boston brothers accused of killing Edwin Santos last year have filed several motions for funds from investigators to medical evaluations as their trial is underway, court records show.

Elias, 43, along with his brother Gabriel Sanchez, 32, and Elias’ son, Angel Sanchez, 16, are suspected of beating and fatally stabbing the 29-year-old on Nov. 17 at Dorchester Street. All three men pleaded innocent at their arraignment in November.

The eldest Sanchez, who has not been present in pre-trial hearings, has asked the Commonwealth for funds to cover a pathologist, a psychologist, and an internist, court filings show.

The motions will be heard on April 24 and the Court is waiting to receive Elias Sanchez’s medical records.

During a status review conference in early February, Elias’s attorney Thomas J. Ford voiced concern about his client taking his medication, as noted in court documents.  Specific medical conditions were not noted in the documents.

Gabriel Sanchez’s defense has asked the Court for funds to cover an investigator, a video expert and a transcription, according to his court file. All funds have been approved.

Prosecutors believe the Sanchez trio and Santos knew each other. That November night, Elias approached Santos, who was with his girlfriend, and started beating him with a collapsible baton. He was then joined by Gabriel and Angel Sanchez who each stabbed the victim, Suffolk Assistant District Attorney Mark Zanini told the court during the men’s arraignment.

He said the men tired themselves out and stopped the attack as Santos stumbled to a nearby market where he collapsed and died from blunt force trauma and stab wounds.

The three men are being held without bail.

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