Sean Repetto | Homicide Watch Boston news about Sean Repettoen-usMon, 07 Dec 2015 12:45:48 -0500Keon Monteiro given 2 consecutive life sentences<p>Keon Monteiro, the Quincy man convicted last Friday of murdering 25-year-old Sean Repetto and 21-year-old Victor Otoadese in Roxbury in 2012 was sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison on Monday.</p> <p>“The evidence proved that this defendant shot Sean Repetto in the head, then took aim at Victor Otoadese and shot him twice in the back as he ran for his life,” Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley said. “These were separate and distinct murders, and consecutive life terms were the appropriate sentence."</p> <p>At the sentencing Monday morning, Otoadese's mother and Repetto's father each delivered emotional victim impact statements to the court.</p> <blockquote><p>Otoadese’s mother took the witness stand wearing a shirt that featured the young man’s picture on the front and the words “Stop the Violence” on the back. She recalled watching television coverage of a double shooting on the day her 21-year-old son was killed.</p> <p>“I said God bless the one who died and God bless the one who was going to the hospital,” she said. “I did not know the one who died was my darling son. I look up at the sky to see the special starlight that reminds me of you. I turn to feel the breeze on my face so I can feel you. I miss wiping the tears from your eyes when you needed your mother.”</p> <p>Repetto’s father also addressed the court, speaking of a “smiling, laid-back kid” who had just begun to recover from a car crash that left him severely injured – and decided to go to nursing school so he could provide the same sort of care that had received.</p> <p>“Race, religion, where you were from, and what you looked like didn’t matter to him,” he said, remembering a 25-year-old man who, as a child, was enamored of the theater and attended the Boston Arts Academy.</p></blockquote> <p>The crime happened on Nov. 28, 2012, and police arrested Monteiro in May, 2013 "thanks to significant assistance from civilian witnesses," and "an exhaustive investigation" that continued for months, according to the Suffolk DA's office.</p> Gail WaterhouseMon, 07 Dec 2015 12:45:48 -0500 OtoadeseSean RepettoKeon MonteiroJury convicts Monteiro of double murder of 'friends'<p><strong>By Alec Cheung</strong></p> <p>After deliberating for five days, a jury convicted Keon Monteiro of two counts of second degree murder on Friday afternoon for the 2012 deaths of Sean Repetto and Victor Otoadese.</p> <p>Otoadese, 21, and Repetto, 25, were both shot in the head on Nov. 28, 2012 on Batchelder Street in Roxbury. Monteiro had been seen with the victims and was spotted running away from the murder scene with a gun in his hand. Otoadese died soon after the shooting, while Repetto succumbed to his injuries roughly a week later. <a href="">Click here to read more about the trial</a>.</p> <p>When the announcement came that the jury had reached a verdict, the courtroom was almost completely packed with family members of both victims, as well as Monteiro's family.</p> <p>When Monteiro first returned to the courtroom, tears began streaming down all of the victims' families' faces. Monteiro’s mother gasped and started weeping into her hands when the jury first announced that they found Monteiro not guilty of first-degree murder, while the victim’s family watched in shock.</p> <p>After the verdict was read in court, Jake Wark, spokesman for the the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, shared condolences with the victims' families.</p> <p>“There is no loss greater than the loss of a loved one,” Wark said. “We are happy that the Jury saw the evidence as we did and brought some measure of satisfaction to the feelings of the families.”</p> <p>Wark said that although emotions usually run high during verdict announcements, the reactions on Friday were some of the most intense he had ever seen.</p> <p>As Monteiro was being escorted out of the courtroom, his mother screamed.</p> <p>“He didn’t do it,” Monteiro’s mother said. “Please don’t take my only son,” she pleaded.</p> <p>“It’s alright mama, I’ll be alright,” Monteiro said. Those were his last words before leaving the courtroom.</p> <p>Soon after Monteiro’s family members left, the victim’s family members began embracing. “They were supposed to be friends,” one of the victim’s family member said over and over again as relatives consoled each other. All of the victims' relatives declined to comment to Homicide Watch Boston.</p> <p>Judge Roach commended the jury before they were dismissed. “Few jury gets and gives as much time in deliberating,” Roach said. “They gave this case a great amount of attention and respect.”</p> <p>The jury also found Monteiro guilty of firearms-related charges. Under Massachusetts law, felons charged with second-degree murder must serve a minimum life sentence with possibility of parole. Monteiro will be formally sentenced on Monday.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Gail WaterhouseFri, 04 Dec 2015 23:44:46 -0500 OtoadeseSean RepettoKeon MonteiroJury deliberating in trial of Keon Monteiro, man accused of murdering 2<p><strong>By Aren LeBrun</strong></p> <p>On Wednesday a jury at Suffolk County Superior Court began its second full day of deliberations on the Commonwealth’s charges of two counts of murder against Keon Monteiro, 26, of Quincy.</p> <p>The prosecution, led by Assistant District Attorney Craig Iannini, claims that on the afternoon of Nov. 28, 2012, the defendant shot and killed Victor Otoadese, 21, and Sean Repetto, 25, on Batchelder and Longmeadow streets in Dorchester. On Thursday, May 16, 2013, members of the Boston Police Fugitive Unit located and arrested Monteiro in Quincy after a warrant was issued out of Roxbury District Court.</p> <p>Monteiro, represented by attorney John Tardif, pleaded not guilty to the charges in court following his arrest.</p> <p>According to the testimony of emergency medical technician Nicholas Camacho, both victims died from gunshot wounds to the head. Lieutenant Richard Driscoll of the Boston Police Department testified that he responded to the scene immediately after the shooting took place, finding Otoadese and Repetto lying in the street, unable to move.</p> <p>“I called for ‘full notifications’,” said Driscoll, citing a term used among police and EMTs to alert the hospital and police department of a victim’s imminent death. “Both people were either dead or near-dead to the point where there was no helping them.”</p> <p>Both victims were transported to area hospitals, where Otoadese died shortly afterward. A few days later, Repetto succumbed to his injuries as well.</p> <p>After hearing closing arguments Monday, the jury entered deliberations on the charges of first-degree murder, the mandatory sentence for which is life in prison without the opportunity for parole. A verdict has not yet been determined.</p> Gail WaterhouseWed, 02 Dec 2015 13:18:32 -0500 OtoadeseSean RepettoKeon Monteiro