Second trial of Phillip Carrington results in conviction

A jury convicted Phillip Carrington, the man who killed Celestine Walker in 2013, of second-degree murder on Tuesday. Carrington was first tried in November, but that trial resulted in a mistrial when jurors declared themselves hopelessly deadlocked after more than seven days of deliberations. The jury’s verdict and Carrington’s sentencing comes approximately three years to … Read more →

Mistrial declared for Phillip Carrington, accused of killing Celestine Walker

After spending more than seven days deliberating, jurors in the Phillip Carrington murder trial announced Tuesday afternoon that they were “hopelessly deadlocked,” according to the Suffolk District Attorney’s office, and the judge presiding over the case declared a mistrial. Carrington, 50, is accused of killing his girlfriend, 47-year-old Celestine Walker, in May of 2013. Click … Read more →

Jury deliberating after closing arguments in Carrington trial

By Mackenzie Nichols Jurors were set to continue deliberating Tuesday morning in the murder trial of Phillip Carrington. During closing statements to the jury on Friday morning, both the prosecution and defense revisited witness testimonies to support their arguments either for or against Carrington’s innocence in the murder of 47-year-old Celestine Walker. On the night … Read more →

Prosecution makes case against Carrington as trial continues

By Meredith Gorman, Mackenzie Nichols, and Alec Cheung The murder trial of Phillip Carrington, who is accused of strangling and murdering his ex-girlfriend, 47-year-old Celestine Walker, continues as the prosecution presenting evidence from Walker’s apartment and DNA evidence as they make their case against Carrington. On Tuesday, senior forensic analyst Barbara Leal told jurors about … Read more →

Phillip Carrington

Convicted by jury in the May 12, 2013 death of Celestine Walker.